Training Approach

In order to select the best Trainers from its network of Partner Trainers, AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM validates with your teams your specific needs and criteria.


To precisely define the objectives and needs of the company
Whether it is a precise specification or a simple project, the most important phase in the development of a customized training program is the understanding of the client's needs. Improving the level of understanding of a profession, training employees in new processes and tools, teaching new skills, updating technical know-how, improving the cohesion of a team or a function of the company...the objectives and needs of AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM customers are very diverse. It is the shared understanding of these goals that will enable the design of effective tailored training.
To propose an adapted approach
The approach chosen by the Consultants of AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM is always a “project approach” that includes all the facets of a training program: the identification of the different populations, the definition of the skills paths, the choice of the teaching methods (the mix Learning), the logistical means implemented… Before adoption, the approach defined by AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM is often discussed in collaboration with Human Resources, the Operational Managers and all the services concerned.
To communicate with employees
The adoption by the employees of a training program, even a customized one, depends on various factors (quality of the training, materials used in the training, pedagogical approach…) but it is often the quality of the internal communication about the training project that makes the difference.


To go with the first individual and collective steps
The AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM methodology relies systematically on individual and collective monitoring of the training course (availability of Partner Trainers or Facilitators weeks after the training course, self-assessment system of progress…).
To optimize change management and measure results
AFRICAWORK - NAMIJOB.COM offers a realistic follow-up of the training results through dashboards and indicators designed with the client. Return on investment models of the training plan can also be developed.