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01.2018 - 02.2019
1. Talk less, listen more. People will pay attention to what you say, just because of your position. The leader’s job is to pay attention to what other people say, especially those who think their views don’t count. Show you’re listening by acting on what people tell you, and gain their trust by giving them the credit. 2. Don’t step in with solutions too quickly. No-one learns anything new if you keep doing what you already know how to do, and don’t allow others to try. Anyway, they may find a different, or better way, and if not… mistakes are valuable too. 3. Be authentic. Be authentic, passionate, even emotional, about what you believe in. Share your vision and live your values. The personal is more engaging, even inspiring, than the process. 4. Don’t ‘dis’ downwards. Once a decision is made by the Board, or the leadership team, it’s yours even if you argued against it during discussions. Your job as leader is to get others to believe in, and work towards, a shared goal, not to divide opinion or loyalties. 5. I’m OK: You’re OK. Start from the position that everyone is doing the best they can, then look for ways to support and encourage them – which is so much more rewarding than finding fault.
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More than 10 years
» Banking, insurance, finance
» Event, receptionist
» Health, pharmacy, hospitals, medical equipment
» Marketing, communication, media
» Secretarial work
Communication. Ability to Work Under Pressure. Decision Making. Time Management. Self-motivation. Conflict Resolution. Leadership. Adaptability
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Erongo - Windhoek - Khomas
Place of residence : Windhoek
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