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Programs Manager (Mining, Natural Resources and Biodiversity)
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
02.2002 - 03.2007
A. Programme Implementation and Infrastructure i. Planned, coordinated and implemented programme activities for the continent; ii. Established and supervised policies, procedures and safety guidelines for all programmes and projects; iii. Monitored and evaluated programmes and projects as per plans. B. Personnel Management i. Recruited, hired and provided training and supervision of programme staff; ii. Ensured proper and appropriate training for staff, trainers and volunteers, iii. Provided a written evaluation of all programme staff at the completion of, or during each programme. C. Public Relations i. Supervised the outreach coordinators with programme activity promotion; ii. Supervised and coordinated the fundraising plans and events; iii. Supervised the production of publications, newsletters, articles as well as other promotional materials. D. Administrative Functions i. Assisted with office supervision and management; ii. Interfaced with, and cultivated relations with, professional and community partners; iii. Supervised programme budget development and management; iv. Maintained programme budget expenditures within planned parameters.
Senior Research Officer
Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)
04.2007 - 03.2010
a) Carried out research in various aspects of natural resources management and rural development such as food security, land and water resources management, socio-cultural perspectives in rural development, gender and development; b) Offered consultancy services to a wide spectrum of local, national, regional and international agencies, governments and organizations on, among others, monitoring and evaluation, project management, and sustainable livelihoods development; c) Took a leading role in pioneering of participatory technology development and transfer initiatives for sustainable development; d) Undertook feasibility studies for food security and poverty assessments including agricultural and livestock extension needs assessment, agricultural information systems management and development, participatory monitoring and evaluation, integrated environmental assessment and reporting, land and water resources management and scenarios and policy analysis; e) Trained and took the leading role in capacity building workshop for individuals and organizations in various aspects of sustainable development; and, f) Undertook an extensive publication through writing of peer reviewed scientific papers, conference papers and books; contribution of book chapters, book reviews, development and extension manuals on-line materials, in the areas of sustainable agriculture, natural resources management and rural development.
Head of Research and Planning Unit
National Development Corporation (NDC)
04.2010 - 03.2013
a) Worked on a wide range of research projects and employed a range of different research methodologies in undertaking research internally in line with the corporate research policy saving the nation lots of financial resources to have been spent as consultancy fees; b) Discussed and agreed on project requirements with clients (policy officials and ministries)for timely and value-for-money project implementation; c) Drafted research specifications, agreed on terms of reference for research and managed research projects for the corporation; d) Initiated and managed the industrial policy review process to build a base of the current industrialization drive for Tanzania; e) Maintained the central industrial development information portal; f) Undertook timely performance implementation review for the corporate and directorate plans and budgets and advised the corporate organs accordingly; g) Undertook research advocacy initiatives for policies, projects and programmes identified on the basis of research, including organizing public forums;and h) Worked closely with the Directorate of Finance and Administration in identifying various sources of finances and technical assistance including, though by any means without limitation to, Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) for implementation of the NDC mega projects.
Manager for Research and Planning
State Mining Corporation (STAMICO)
02.2013 - 09.2017
a) Prepared and operationalized a successful project/programme Monitoring and Evaluation system which wasn’t existing at all before; b) Coordinated timely preparations of annual and semi-annual performance reports, monitored and evaluated implementation of projects and programmes and advised the relevant organs of the corporation for the value-for-money project executions; c) Carried out and Analyzed techno-economic and feasibility studies and provided the resultant outcomes to the government for decision making; d) Advised regularly on the available investment opportunities in the mining industry and how best to make economic use of the same; e) Advised the government on share acquisitions and trading in the regional and international stock exchange markets for sustainable inclusive development; f) Coordinated the preparations of strategic plans in the mining industry and monitored and evaluated their performance and advised the government accordingly for concerted decision making which saved a lot of revenues to the government which would have been paid out as consultancy fees; and g) Coordinated and monitored the research and development projects with joint venture companies.
Director- Investment, Marketing & Corporate Strategy
Invest Africa Company Limited
04.2013 - 03.2014
a) Coordinated and supervised consultancies in the areas of preparations of annual and semi-annual performance reports, monitored and evaluated implementation of projects and programmes; b) Carried out researches and Analyzed techno-economic and feasibility studies; c) Studied and advised on available investment opportunities and how to make the best economic use of the same; d) Studied and advised on share acquisitions and trading in the regional and international stock exchange markets; e) Coordinated and supervised the preparations of plans for our esteemed clients and monitored and evaluated their performance; f) Coordinated and monitored research and development projects for our esteemed clients; g) Advised on economic and development issues in general as a consultant; h) Provided marketing and communication services (both locally and at international level); i) Coordinated and consulted in the areas of preparations and reviews of strategic plans, business plans and action plans, and j) Prepared and operationalized Monitoring and Evaluation systems.
a) I have been able to build a 150,000 US$ (before tax) profitable business venture in two years from scratch; b) I have been professionally planning, executing business ideas and plans at the helm of my business in a very tight environment where the private sector is thriving under very scary, unfriendly environment in Tanzania at the moment; c) I have been able to create a solid client base both from the private and public sectors, business community, but also, most importantly from both within and outside Tanzania; d) I have been able to creatively and positively negotiate business contracts with my clients but also build a very strong team of professionals to conquer the harsh business environment and survive in the tight industry. I am a professional team builder and morale builder.
Education . Doctorate
PhD in Agricultural Economics and Strategic Business Management
Abo Akademi University, Vasa, Finland
03.2011 - 12.2016
The Title of my Thesis was: Logistical Management Factors and Poverty Alleviation among the Cashew nuts Farmers in Southern Tanzania (Coast, Lindi and Mtwara Regions).
frenchgood level
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Zambezi - Karas - Kavango - Omaheke
Dar es Salaam
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