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» Public buildings and works professions
» Public buildings and works sector, construction
Professional experience . 2 to 5 years
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Geotechnical and Hydraulic expert
Ministry of Public Works
Since 04.2017
- I do quality, control and execution of geotechnical activities for the construction and study of roads; - I interpret the geotechnical results both in the laboratory and on site and I also use geotechnical data to do geotechnical design of infrastructures using software like excel, GeoStudio, Plaxis and Alize; - I do other road activities like setting up of structures with the surveyors and using surveying equipment including pecking of pecks every 100meters along road stretch to permit identification of features and enable location of exact points for soil investigation during road design and construction; - I do some laboratory test like sand equivalent test, complete soil identification (grain size analysis, Attebeg limit, proctor test and CBR test), Los Angeles and Micro Deval test - I do in-situ test like slump test, densitometer test, penetrometer test for quality control; - I supervise the geotechnical aspect of the Construction of Yaoundé Douala Express Roads as geotechnical expert; - I assist in arranging the different types of soil samples brought to the laboratory and also programme the various test to be carried out in the laboratory; - I do design of drainage system after haven collected hydrological and surveying data.
Chief of Service in charge of Hydraulic and Agricultural Infrastructures
Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA), Ndop, Cameroon
02.2013 - 04.2017
- I did the setting up of bridges, culverts, pipe laying for water supply, foundation of ware houses and tanks including dam construction with surveyors using surveying instruments; - I controlled the casting of concrete from the time is mixed into the concrete mixer by doing slump test before concrete casting and also verify if the crushing resistance is attained 28days after casting and curing; - Before the mounting of steel rebas, I made sure tensile test of some steel sample rods collected were done for concrete reinforcement for the building of bridges, buildings and water tanks; - I verified the quality of all materials supplied on site like sand which was verified in laboratory by doing sand equivalent test, module of fitness for mixing of two sands, gravel which was done by lose Angelo’s test etc; - As chief of service, I was able to evaluate the work realised quantitatively and qualitatively - I also did supervision of construction works as chief of service in charge of hydraulics and agricultural infrastructures.
Support Staff Engineer
Divisional delegation of Public Works, Mbengwi, Cameroon
12.2011 - 02.2013
- I did the setting up of structures following design from plan; - I supervised the construction of reinforced concrete bridges, culverts and building construction by means of assuring that technical specifications in contract documents were respected for quality assurance; - During the period of concrete casting, I did the slump test to be sure of the mixture, did concrete crushing test to verify the resistance, and I also assisted in other activities of the construction works; - As for road works, I controlled movement of vehicles, did the pecking every 100 meters to materialised points on site, did the densitometer test to assure compaction with proctor reference obtained from the laboratory; - I did qualitative controlled for the supply of materials making sure it is of good quality before used; - I also did the follow up and evaluation of works, including quality control of materials.
Designed Engineer/Consultant
Participatory National Development Program (PNDP),Bamenda, Cameroon
03.2011 - 12.2011
- I did the design of three water supply schemes in Oku Sub-Division using AutoCAD software and COVADISC; - I designed bridges in Biami Sub-Division and other civil engineering structures in the North West Region of Cameroon using AutoCAD and Robot; - After haven done the design and study for these structures, I prepared tender documents which I finally handed to the Organisation to begin their tendering process.
Facilitator for procurement services and supervisor of civil engineering works
Grass field Participatory Integrated Rural Development Project (GPDERUDEP), Bamenda, Cameroon
01.2005 - 03.2011
- I did the supervision works and construction of gravity water supply, bridges, culverts and buildings in Fundong Municipality base on the plans handed to me; - I evaluated the quantities of works realized in percentages for every project to enable progressive payment.
I master and am able to do the following task: - Supervise the setting out of structures like bridges, roads, buildings and water tanks using total station, auto level, and other surveying instruments; - Carry out soil investigation in the laboratory and collect soil sampling; - Able to analyse and interpret results of soil test obtained both in-situ and in the laboratory; - Do other road work activities; - Design civil engineering structures using Eurocode norms; - Supervise the construction of roads, bridges and buildings both qualitatively and quantitatively; - Supervise the stabilization of slopes and construction of other earth structures; - Do quality control for the supply of construction materials on site (i.e. gravel, sand, soil and asphalt , steel, timber, and masonry blocks); - Good in computer software such as GeoStudio, plaxis and alize for geotechnical design, AutoCAD and COVADISC for design and drawing of roads, bridges and hydraulic structures, Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel for presentation of report and design
Education . Master
Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
National Advanced School of Public Works, Yaoundé, Cameroon
10.2015 - 04.2018
-Steel design using Eurocode 3 -Reinforced concrete design using Eurocode 2 -Composite design using Eurocode 4 -Wooden and Masonry design using Eurocode 5 and 6 -Soil mechanics and foundation using Eurocode 7 Research Methodology Retaining walls Soil improvement Design of Civil Engineering structures (Bridge, building etc) Renovation of civil engineering structures Control of civil engineering structures
Rural Engineering
National Advanced School of Public Works, Yaounde, Cameroon
10.2001 - 09.2004
Soil Mechanics -Rural construction works -Design of portable water supply -Design of irrigation systems -Design of Rural infrastructures (roads, small bridges, culverts, etc) -Bore hole design and other water sources
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