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Frequently Asked Questions


How to register on our job and recruitment site ?

Click on the link on the top right of the page "Registration" and then choose the option " You are a candidate " (a person looking for a job) or " You are a recruiter " (a person who offer employment).

A registration form will then be proposed to you.

Once the form completed, you will receive by email a validation request of  your account.


How to sign in  on the job recruitment site?

Click on the link on the top right of the page "sign in " then type your email address and your password.


Why I can’t access my account?

There are 3 possible reasons:

1. You have an incorrect email address.

2. You have an incorrect password.

3. You are not registered. In this case, click "Registration" at the top right of the page.


I did not receive my confirmation e-mail?

It is possible that the activation e-mail  we send you is intercepted by your Internet service provider. In this case, first verify all your file of unwanted mail (spam).


It is also possible that the e-mail puts some time to arrive, because it has to pass by several mail servers. Be a little bit patient !

Naturally, the email address which you supplied has to be valid and active.

Also think of checking if your email box is not full and not blocked!

Once all these checks made, If it does not work, go on the page "Contact" and send us a message so that we unlock your account manually.


How to modify my personal information ?

For candidates: click "My account" then "Modify my profile and CV" to update or modify your personal information.

For recruiters: click "My account" then on "Identifiers and data" or " Company profile " to update or modify your personal information and those of your company.


If I  forgot my password. How can I sign in?

Go on the page "sign in" and click on the link " resquest  a new password ". You will be redirected to  a new page asking you for your email address. An email will be then send with your new password. Think of changing it afterward.

I forgot the email with which I joined. How may I connect?

Contact us. You will find the information to contact us on the page "Contact". You could access by clickin on the link on the footer of the site.

How can I change my email address and/or my password?

Sign in to your account, click in the bar of submenu " Identifiers and data " and use both checkboxes at the bottom of page allowing you to modify your email and/or your password.

How can I delete my account of the job recruitment site?

Send us an email with the same address that you use for your account.



How to search for job offers or for CV’s profiles on the job recruitment site?

The research on the site is called in computing  search. it allows you to find results corresponding to your requests by typing a keyword and/or by using searches filters.

The searches filters can be unfold by clicking on ’ most’  and fold by clicking on ‘ least’.

What is provenance of result for job offers and CV profiles?

Job offers result from recruiters who joined the job recruitment site and added announcements for opportunities within their companies .

The CV profiles result from candidates who joined the job recruitment site and decided to leave their profiles accessible to the recruiters on the CV database.

What is the frequency of updates for a job offer or a CV profiles ?

Job offers and CV profiles are displayed online from their validation or their modification. A deadline of a few minutes is necessary so that they appear and are active on the site.

What is an alert and why to create one?

An alert is a way to save the criteria of search for your job offers or for CV profiles which you regularly research.

This option allows you to receive new job offers or the CV profiles directly by email and to define the frequency.

To create an alert click " Job search " or " CV search  " then on " Create an alert ". Type then all the criteria of your alert.

Once your alert is created, you can directly obtain the results of the search for your alert.

Can I save a job offer or a CV profile and use it later?

Yes, but you must for it be registered. Once identified, you have the possibility during your search to save a job offer or a CV profile. By default, the offer will be put in a default file and you can create at any time a new file to save all elements selected (in one and the same file).


How to apply for an Job Ad?

We attach a particular importance to the information we present to the recruiters. That is why we ask you to fill your candidate profile in minimum 70 % and to add to it your CV in the size(format) Word / PDF.

Where can I see my sent applications?

Click "Job Search "and"sent Applications". You will find the history as well as the status of all your applications.

Why don’t I have the address and phone number of the company to whom I postulate?

Our watchword is the confidentiality of the information. The information concerning the recruiters has to remain anonymous. It's the same when a recruiter looks for a candidate in her CVthèque. We only give him your email and your telephone and not your address.

I do not have any return on my applications? Why?

We don’t control the selection made by the recruiters. However, we educate them regularly on the necessity of answering to the candidates and we set up tools as ‘’ save answers ‘’ or the " Application Statuses " to facilitate the answers of the recruiters to the candidates.


What information is at my disposal during a search for CV profiles?

All the profiles are strictly anonymous. No personal information is communicated until the purchase of the profile by the recruiter.

There are 3 confidentiality levels:

The first level allows you to look for candidates among the profiles are anonymous.

The second level allows you an active search of candidates on her ( his ) CVthèque (credit of CV on your account) and to see the work experience of the candidates, however always in anonymous mode .

The third level corresponds to the purchase of a CV to obtain the name of the candidate and the necessary information to be able to contact him(her) by (email, telephone).


What  is the correspondance of  these various types of announcements?

There are 5 types of announcements:

1. The online announcement: your announcement is visible online and allows you to receive applications.

2. The announcement awaiting credit: you created an announcement but you have no credit of announcement. The announcement will put itself in this category during 14 days until you credited your account. Once your account is credited, you have to return here and press "Publish".

3. The announcement awaiting publication: you created an announcement with a later date of publication. Prepare your announcement and define the date in which you wish that it is displayed online.

4. The deactivated announcement: you wish to put a temporarily hold on your recruitment? 
Deactivate your announcement and reactivate her in due course.

5. The expired announcement: keep a track of all the announcements that you have align. You can inform in due course the candidates that your recruitment as ended.


What is the utility of personalized answers?

The personalized answers are automatic answers you prepared to reply applicants. They can be sent grouped or individually.

To create an answer, click on "Manage my announcements"and"personalized Answers".


To use your answers, click on "Manage my announcements"then"received Applications" and use the option at the bottom of page.